2020 HOA Assessment & Fine Payment
The annual assessment may be paid using the HOA PayPal account with your credit card.  Official assessment letter will be mailed
after January 6.  Please use the below payment schedule to make your payment.  Note that a 4% processing fee will be charged
to make your payment with PayPal. If there are outstanding debts such as fines, bar code re-activations, etc to the HOA at the
time of an assessment payment being received, the assessment payment will be used to retire this outstanding debt first. If there
is a shortfall because of this action, the annual assessment will be considered not paid in full and late payment fees will apply.
You may access the assessment notification letter by clicking here.
Fines may also be paid using the HOA PayPal account with your credit card.
Please note a 4% processing fee will be charged to make you payment with PayPal.
2020 Assessment Payment Schedule
Payment Received Date        Payment     Description of Payment
On or before February 28    $900        Early payment discount applied to standard assessment
March 1 to March 31 $1,000 Standard Assessment
April 1 to April 30 $1,020 Standard assessment plus $20.00 late fee
May 1   Bar code removed from system; gate privileges suspended ($35/vehicle to re-register
May 1 to May 31 $1,040 Standard assessment plus two months late fee ($40.00)
June 1 to June 30 $1,060 Standard assessment plus three months late fee ($60.00)
July 1   Debt referred to Small Claims court; lien placed on property
July 1 to July 31 $1,080 Standard assessment plus four months late fee ($80.00)
August 1 to August 31 $1,100
Standard assessment plus five months late fee ($100.00)
September 1 to September 30 $1,120 Standard assessment plus six months late fee ($120.00)
October 1 to October 31 $1,140 Standard assessment plus seven months late fee ($140.00)
November 1 to November 30 $1,160 Standard assessment plus eight months late fee ($160.00)
December 1 to December 31 $1,180 Standard assessment plus nine months late fee ($180.00)
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