Welcome to Gates Four
As a Gates Four property owner, you and your family are a member of the Gates Four Homeowners' Association. The Homeowners' Association is made up of all the property owners of the development. An annual membership meeting is held in March at which time members are elected to the Board of Directors for three year terms. This Board is responsible for representing the homeowners in all business matters and working with the developer to make Gates Four a desirable community in which to live. The Board of Directors meet the third Wednesday of every month at the Clubhouse at 6:00 p.m. The monthly meetings are open to the membership.
Gates Four residents are expected to live by a set of restrictive covenants set forth by the developer and administered by the Board of Directors of Homeowners' Association. The covenants were put in place to maintain an aesthetic and amicable neighborhood and to maintain property values. The covenants apply to the following:
* Utility buildings, sheds, and other types of outside buildings not connected to main dwelling
* Hedges, fences, walls and other boundary structures
* The parking and storing of recreational vehicles, boats, commercial vehicles, trailers, and abandoned vehicles * Driveway construction
* Window air conditioning units
* Television antennas and other exterior electronic or electrical equipment and devices
* Garbage and trash burning; placement of garbage containers/receptacles
* Animal control
* Commercial signs placed in yards
* Maintaining the posted speed limits
* Children's recreational equipment (i.e. swing sets, swimming pools, etc.)
* Above-ground swimming pools
A copy of the covenants are available at the guard house and at this site. (link to Restrictive Covenants) The Board suggests that you read and become familiar with the covenants and refer to them prior to making any changes or additions to your property. Any architectural change to your property requires Board approval. Any questions on the covenants may be directed to the Board of Directors.
Once again welcome to the community.
The Board of Directors
Gates Four Homeowners' Association