Gates Four HOA Planning Guide
May 18, 2016
The mission of the Gates Four Homeowner’s Associations (HOA) is to promote the safety and welfare of
the residents and provide for a high quality of life within the Gates Four Community. This will be
accomplished by providing leadership through the governance structure as detailed in the Gates Four
Covenants and the Gates Four Rules and Regulations.
The HOA will maintain the community's appearance, infrastructure, security, and financial health, and
enforce appropriate standards in order to sustain the beauty, character and architectural integrity of our

This plan is designed to serve as the primary guide for the Gates Four Home Owner’s Association Board
to provide directions for setting priorities for management, development of annual budgets, and for
exploration of best practices and technology to achieve a first class community. The following areas of
focus and objectives have been identified to assist with support of these goals:
The HOA recognizes the significant value and level of importance that residents expect from our Security
Department. Using a community friendly approach with a high degree of professionalism, the Security
Department provides:
• 24 hour controlled access
• Periodic assessment of perimeter areas
• Vehicle patrols
• Crime prevention/deterrence
• Resident house checks (as requested)
• Emergency response in coordination with local authorities
• Traffic management
• Enforcement of Rules and Regulations
To accomplish the above stated goals, the G4HOA Board will:
• Review annual staffing requirements
• Assess staffing performance and training requirements
• Train Security Staff with the local Police / Sheriff Department as required
• Maintain CPR/First Aid certifications of Security Staff as required
• Implement perimeter security recommendations
• Explore security best practices and technology
The shared common areas and Infrastructure within Gates Four will be maintained to ensure that the
integrity of these facilities is preserved. The HOA will:
• Develop and maintain a 10-year road maintenance plan for each section of the Gates Four
• Evaluate road conditions and resurface, repair and stabilize road systems according to the road
maintenance plan
• Monitor, evaluate and maintain storm water drainage areas annually
• Maintain all street lights with weekly evaluation of security reports
• Evaluate retention ponds to ensure compliance with the Retention Pond Guiding Principles:
   o Maintain water quality and manage storm water systems
   o Stabilize pond banks where HOA infrastructure is threatened
   o Control water levels in ponds when needed to maintain water quality, manage storm
      water systems, or protect the HOA infrastructure
   o Interact with Individual property owners or associations that may contract with HOA for
      additional pond related services, some of which may require Architectural Review (AR)
      approval (bank Improvements, water level, aesthetic enhancements, etc.)
• Review grounds and facilities annually

The overall natural and scenic beauty is a significant element of the Gates Four community.
In an effort to continue this accomplishment, the HOA will:
• Perform common area maintenance as required
• Beautify the shared common areas using seasonal plantings
• Perform semi-annual AR maintenance inspections of Gates Four homes and landscaping for
compliance with Gates Four's Rules and Regulations
• Review and Evaluate all landscaping contracts on an annual basis prior to annual budget

The HOA is committed to providing timely, accurate, clear and complete Information by conforming to
the highest level of ethical standards for financial governance. The HOA will:
• Conduct an annual independent audit utilizing a 3rd Party CPA Firm
• Develop operating budgets that include long term initiatives such as street and infrastructure
• Utilize competitive bidding for all capital expenditures and service contracts above $5,000
annual excluding services such as legal and financial.
• Utilize competitive bidding for all multi-year capital expenditures and service contracts
excluding services such as legal and financial. If competitive bidding is not applicable a sole
source justification must be on record with the Board Secretary.
• Develop a plan to establish a reserve operating fund and Formulate and review the reserve
study annually in order to maintain reserves that assure funds are available for the repair and/or
replacement of major shared common area components, and for any unforeseen situations with
a current target annual balance of $250,000
• Establish, document and follow the delinquent assessment Financial Collection Policy
• Review, establish, and document a penalty policy that enforces the Gates Four Rules and
Regulations (to include bar code revocation or fines)
• Review and Evaluate all utilities and services annually to determine best value

It is recognized that the employees are the HOAs greatest asset. In order to assure premier
implementation of the objectives identified herein, the HOA will:
• Review annual staffing requirements
• Assess staffing performance and training requirements
• Recognize employees who perform in superior or outstanding manners
• Maintain quality of supervision

The HOA is dedicated to achieving a high level of resident satisfaction. The HOA will:
• Perform resident satisfaction surveys at least every two years and evaluate suggestions for
• Maintain long term cooperation with the Gates Four Golf and Country Club through regular
• Include the Planning Mission Statement on the community website
• Utilize the communications technology to keep owners informed of significant items of interest
• Identify and encourage residents who are willing to be members of the HOA Board, HOA
committees and community volunteers
• Encourage resident attendance at annual/community meetings